An Open Letter On The TikTok Ban

An Open Letter On The TikTok Ban

Dear Court of Appeals,

Over two years ago I started a business built on the backbone of the American dream. With a desire to disrupt multiple industries and help enrich the lives of those with debilitating illnesses or injuries, I poured blood, sweat, tears, and bootstrapped funds into the American economy around me. My name is Daniel Victor, and I’m the founder of a business that is fighting tooth and nail to avoid becoming a part of the vast majority of startups that fail.

I am writing today to shed light on how TikTok has become a bright spot in my business model and its positive impact on other small businesses like mine. Since launching my business, HID SIPS, on the TikTok shop, I have witnessed the incredible in this platform's ability to drive growth, foster community engagement, and expand our reach beyond what we thought possible.

Throughout the last few months,  the sales driven through the TikTok Shop have single-handedly kept the lights on for our business. This revenue has, in turn, been the stream of support that has enabled HID SIPS to continuously pay a plethora of partners here on our home soil. 

Similarly, over the last few months, I’ve had to look over my shoulder at the ongoing legislation battle being leveraged to ban TikTok in the United States. I’ve had to reconcile with the deepest sorrow that such a decision would surely lead to the door being closed on my business and my American entrepreneurial dream. 

However, despite the undeniable benefits that TikTok has brought to small businesses, I recognize that challenges also need to be addressed. As the platform grows in popularity, I admittedly struggle with my stance surrounding the valid concerns surrounding data privacy, content moderation, and algorithmic transparency that must be carefully examined and regulated.

Therefore, I urge you, as members of Congress, to recognize the positive impact that TikTok has had on small businesses and to work towards creating a regulatory framework that promotes innovation while safeguarding the interests of users and businesses alike. By doing so, we can ensure that platforms like TikTok continue to serve as engines of American economic growth and opportunity for entrepreneurs across the country.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.


Daniel Victor



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