HydraLamp: A Modern Solution to Bedside Hydration

HydraLamp: A Modern Solution to Bedside Hydration

HydraLamp, the hydration solution of the future, is here today on Kickstarter. The importance of hydration overnight and during the early morning hours often leaves people needing to fill a glass of water nightly; leaving them struggling to get up when they forget. Still, people continue to remain dependent on nightly refills or settle for last night’s stale water. For years, water storage, dispenser, and filter companies have failed to create a solution that looks elegant by the bedside and keeps water chilled and fresh. As a result, people have had to sacrifice the quality and quantity of their water intake.

Enter HID SIPS, an innovative technology company aimed specifically at providing a modern resolution to nighttime and early morning hydration needs. HID SIPS solves the problem with its patent-pending product, the HydraLamp. By purchasing a Hydralamp, customers get an all-in-one water storage and dispensing system with a sleek aesthetic that looks natural on their nightstand and compliments any décor. A quick connect and release 4-liter hydration reservoir and water filter come standard, making it easy to refill and keep ready for use. With the touch of a button, Hydralamp helps users stay hydrated bedside so they never wake up without water again.

What’s more, HydraLamp’s LED lighting has 10 dimming levels and is designed to fit any lampshade, allowing customers to customize their usage and looks to fit their lifestyle. HID SIPS also offers a cooling solution that keeps the HydraLamp’s water cold for every pour. The HydraLamp can also be used to dispense some of the user’s favorite beverages. Wake up to a glass of cold brew coffee or orange juice, and easily clean the system with HID SIPS cleaning solution. Moreover, the HydraLamp is designed to be quiet to keep sleep interrupted.

HydraLamp is the future of hydration and we are glad that it is here! HID SIPS is offering an early birds an exclusive discount on the product, so be sure to order now and take advantage of this amazing opportunity at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hidsips/hydralamp-a-modern-solution-to-bedside-hydration

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