Q: How can I buy a HydraLamp™?

  • The HydraLamp™ is available for pre-order HERE

Q: Where does the water come from?

  • A food-grade tube exits the base of the HydraLamp™ and extends another 4 feet (the customer can trim the tube to their desired length). That tube plugs air-tight to a water bladder that comes included.

Q: Is the water filtered?

  • The HydraLamp™ comes with an FDA approved water filter that can be easily replaced every 6 months.

Q: How/how often should one clean the HydraLamp™?

  • There are a variety of different ways to clean the HydraLamp™. We recommend that you clean your HydraLamp™ with the same kits one uses to clean a kegerator, soda line, or bar line. Depending on what you are dispensing, the recommendation is to clean it every 2-4 weeks.

Q: Is it safe? 

  • Of course! HID SIPS HydraLamp™ has in the UL certification process and strategically designed with safety in mind from the very beginning. Electrical products that handle stored water next to your bed have been around for years, just look at the humidifier! We also make sure to undergo rigorous testing and certification programs for all of our products. 

Q: Is the water chilled?

  • By purchasing a HydraLamp™ Mini fridge, your beverage of choice is dispensed chilled! 

Q: Can it dispense other liquids? 

  • The HydraLamp™ can dispense other drinkable liquids but will not work with higher density liquids.