About Us

HID SIPS™: The Team

Daniel Victor

Austin Malm

Craig Douglas

Michael Victor

Carter Olsen

Eric Malm

HID SIPS CEO and original founder, Daniel Victor, has over 5 years of experience as an automation engineer, product owner, and scrum lead for a Fortune 10 company. His experience in other entrepreneurial ventures, and prior exits, will be a key factor in the beginning and evolution of HID SIPS. Additionally, HID SIPS face of the business is well poised to tap into his Engineering Management degree and optimize the efficiency of the business to maximize profits.

HID SIPS Director of Manufacturing Austin Malm is the newest partner to the team, as of August 2022. Austin has over 10 years of experience as a Sr DfM Engineer and Manufacturing Engineer for industry-leading companies. Austin was co-founder, and recently completed a successful exit, of My Fitness Box. Austin has also sat on the board and invested in several growing start-ups and is passionate about bringing these skills and experiences to the table of HID SIPS™.

HID SIPSBusiness Strategist Craig Douglas is an avid investor with an experienced background in the Intellectual Property space. Craig has utilized his strengths in these fields to help drive a business model that is sure to drive and optimize profitability down the road as HID SIPSgrows from a patent-pending idea and prototype into a company that is structured to take over a new industry.

HID SIPSSilent Investors Michael Victor, Carter Olsen, and Eric Malm all bring their own set of skills and experience to the table that may one day be utilized at a later date and are currently being utilized in a limited capacity. Michael is a lawyer who is well-versed in several areas of practice. Carter is a Navy Pilot with a background in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Eric is the President, and longtime VP and Director of Operations, for a window and door design and manufacturing company. Eric is also very experienced in the area of investing in technological Start Ups.

Other Contributors have been contracted out to aid in the final design and production. Contributing engineers have over 20 years of cumulative engineering experience across three separate fields.

Possibly You can be a part of the HID SIPS family today. HID SIPS is actively seeking new business partners, investors, and contributors. Call us at (512) 766-0126 or email us at info@hidsips.com today to find out how YOU can be a part of the movement.